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Cd Interference? Ipod Problem Also!

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Wondering if anyone else has had this problem? 2007 ford fiesta zetec with standard ford single cd unit and when I am playing cds they seem to play all right for a while and then I start to get interference through the unit and I end up giving up on the cd and listening to the radio!

I have tried a couple of different cd lens cleaners but it hasn't made any difference.

Can anyone advise?

Aso when the car was bought it came with a few extras which included an ipod connection. I have a lead that I connect to the ipod and plug in but I often get the sound coming and going and I have to jiggle around the lead until the sound comes out through the Speakers properly. I don't know if it would be the lead or the connection in the car. Any idea on what it is more likely to be? I would rather get advice here first before contacting the garage.


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With cd players as they are being used they get warm , len's cleaners are not really much good , the Lens may be a fraction out on the pickup , are you trying to use Original Cd's or backup cd's ?

Ipod connection could be a loose wire or the lead may have been stretched , or the connectors in the lead may not be contacting very good.

It may be worth looking for a replacement off Fleabay.

A garage will charge you at least half the price of getting a replacement just to look it over.

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I must admit it is usually back up cds which have been working fine in my car and in the house. The fiesta is my mums car. The cds used to play fine. The interference has only happened recently.

I will get a new lead on ebay to try to at least cure the ipod problem.

Thanks for your input

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