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Anyone Know Wher To Get Im Gaskets/seals Cheaper Than Ford?

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as title states,does anyone have any idea where to buy inlet manifold seals? some places are nearly £30 for 8(some=£40!!).

or anyone have part numbers for them for buying from jaguar? Im constantly amazed how much cheaper jaguar are,compared to Ford. EGR from jaguar was nearly half price of ford if i remember right.

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any motor factor will be able to supply them.

Generally an ex manifold to head gasket is about £8 and it will probably be the exact same one ford are sticking in a ford box and wallet raping ya for

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And youve probably guessed I never go to a main stealer for ANYTHING unless its a main dealer only part. Been a Vehicle tech for 20 years and a Master Tech for 14. I Ran my own garage for 8 years.

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nah mate,they're only about £3 each on eBay & i think £27 from jaguar someone said for 8

are we talking about same rectangular gaskets?£8 each??? just got part no: 1138392,but will phone jaguar in morning.


i'll be shocked if theyre anywhere near £8 each

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