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Streetka Electric And Noise Issue


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Hi before I start asking questions, please let me start by saying that yes I'm female and yes I don't work on my cars but I'm not a total numpty where technical things are concerned. Having said that I am posting as my mechanic and I are now officially stumped.

I have had numberous Fords over the years (my first car was the 1.3 Mexico) and I bought the StreetKA brand new in July 2004. However, she has been a complete pain and we've had a lot of issues with her. Apart from the new HT Leads and Manicat/Maniverter she had fitted when still under warranty, I've since had another Manicat last year and also the clutch done. She has also had a new Lamda sensor fitted (2 years ago), and recently had the anti-roll link arm bushes done and new wishbones, ABS ECU and Pump.

However, this is where I need help. The car, despite the new ECU still is showing the ABS light, the usual suspects have been checked and ruled out (including battery, alternator, bad earths etc.and the ECU was sent away for checking, speed sensors have also been check as have the brakes). The code comes back as power out of range. Still the light is there and now the engine management light comes on but the code is 02 bank, which indicates that either I need another manicat or the lamda is again knackered. Now to be honest I think this is actually a wiring problem but I wondered if anyone else has any ideas.

On top of this I have also developed one hell of a rattle when the car is in low gear and taking a heavy load, such as coming off of roundabouts and traffic lights. I think this is possibly the clutch as it is the area I am getting the noise from. Any other ideas as the clutch is only a year old and I don't want to spend out on a new one if it transpires it doesn't fix it.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Moved this to the KA section more chance of getting a response off someone whos already got one.

Welcome to the club by the way hope you get the problem sorted

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Thank you for the welcome. I am hoping someone has got some ideas as this is dragging on a bit. I'm sure by time Mick, my mechanic, has finished with this one he'll have completely rebuilt her. He has some ideas and I'm wondering if anyone else can expand on them.

1. Electrical problem. Mick believes this is due to a problem in the wiring loom between the ABS ECU (which is helpfully in a position to get the most damage) and the power supply, fuses and earths have been checked and no fault is reading there so we anticipate that a wire is most probably corroded.

2. Annoying rattle. Mick has a feeling this may be due to the clutch or diff. The clutch, whilst is only just a year old, could have a manafacturing fault or could possibly be that the housing bolts are loose.

Both problems he is looking in to. However, it is a mystery so far.

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