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Hello Fiesta Owners. C.d Player Help Required!


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Having trouble with my 54plate fiesta finesse and its cd player.

Seems to work fine in winter, however come summer it just seems to eat the cd.

Error code E23 comes up, and the cd wont eject or play.

Spoke to main ford dealership and other garages and nobody seems to know anything.

Anybody else had this problem, any advice appreciated :-)!

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Fault E23 usually means a dirty disc or laser head, it can also mean a disc is up the wrong way.

It's basically a read error.

Are you using copied discs? That can also be the problem.

Use a good cleaning cd and see how you go.

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Welcome aboard the FOC!

Get yourself comfy, take a look for any guides that might tickle your fancy, and join in with the best ranking Ford forum out there!

See you soon on the board!

oh, and moving your discussion to the audio area, hopefully you can get a bit more bespoke advice over there!

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Cheers for replies!

It does it with both copied and normal cds.

When it first started it would eject the cd after a couple of hours of not running the car.

However its been 4 days now with the disc stuck in there, any ideas how i could get iy out?

Good cd cleaner sounds a good shout if i can get it out lol

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