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Adding More Modifications

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Hi folks, I'm back ..it's Beethoven. It is indeed a while ago, but I had my reasons.I've long been out of action due to severe back problems ... but meanwhile still keep searching and finding modifications.

Did I tell you that I've done an engine swap, from 2.0 tdci to 2.2 tdci? Now, you know :) .
Finally I've my 18 "alloy's powder coated and mounted AVON 225/40's....summer-tires.
Still, haven't done a dyno-run -_- :( .
I'm looking for a good place to mount a boost gauge, but I want to have him "built in" somewhere in the dash AND within "eye-range". Otherwise, no deal ;) :D :lol: . Just joking.
I'm crazy, but I got it into my head to mount Recaro seats and I have ordered them in POLAND, cheap & in very good condition :)






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Sorry to hear about your back

Car looks good - it would be good to see dyno results

here is where i fitted my boost gauge -


(its not ideal for visibility - but keeps it out of the way)

The other switches/ gauges are for: - Boost controller arm, Manual on/ off for electric water pump, disable torque restrictor defeat, in ash tray - electronic fan controller (bought to control electric warerpump), with combined water/ oil temp and voltmeter (digital LED), and another controller with water temp and volts

(i run a sleeper and wanted the instrimentation but to keep it discreet/ hidden- thats 5 guages and 2 controllers and a switch all hidden under the ashtray cover!)

Alternatively you could fit the boost guage on a pod on the dash

Have you done a build thread? if not, you should start one!

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Recaro's arrived yesterday (Friday) with courier DPD out of Krakow, Poland. :rolleyes:

Me happy guy!

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