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2013 Fiesta Zetec Sub Install

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Hi all,

I had a 15 inch JBL subwoofer which I installed in my previous fiesta... and what a hell of a job! I used a couple of guides that I found on this forum which REALLY helped (and when I say really helped, I mean they actually allowed me to do it... without them I wouldn't have even tried.).

Anyway, i've now got a 2013 shape Fiesta Zetec, and although the audio is good, i'd love the sub back!

I've decided to tackle this in a completely different way, and I was wondering if anyone has done this method before, or if it would be helpful for the forum if I made and shared a guide?

My plan is to NOT touch the headunit at all, as this was the most difficult part and I atually ended up scratching some plastic last time in a struggle to snap the headunit assembly out.

The Line converter to go from speaker level to low line out level will now be attached to the REAR Speakers, which will be much much easier than pulling the head unit apart. I will then search around in the rear wiring loom for a switched live to use as the remote for the amp, i'm sure there will be one somewhere and if not i'll run a cable from the fusebox.

As for the +12V I will be running a fused cable through the bulkhead to the battery and connect it to one of the spare terminals. There's probably a feed suitable somewhere near the fusebox, but as it's quite a high wattage amplifier i'd rather be safe than sorry.

Anyway, if all goes to plan in the next couple of weeks i'll have a sub installed without having to touch the head unit!

Anyone had any experience with doing this, and would anyone appreciate a guide?


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