New Focus Ecoboost Vs Cmax Ecoboost

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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone would know what a 'Ford' service would consist of?

Sounds strange I know.

But I have just purchased a new Cmax ecoboost and was transferring the service plan from my old cmax(56 plate) to the new (13plate).

The service costs per month had doubled for the new car to £27.49 based on 16k per year.

They said it was down to the fact that my previous contract was not a genuine ford service.

So I asked them to compare it against my wifes 62 plate ecoboost focus.

This was £12 per month based on 6k...

I know the mileage is different but a service is service isn't it?

Aparantlely bristol street said to service my cmax would be £273 and for the focus £191 (for the first service) how come??

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go to etis.ford.com.

Go to vehicle search, put your number plate in and then generate a ford service schedule :)

as for the reasoning, it sounds very much like the engines have varied differently, the weight of the vehicle and the layout of the components means that the CMAX can be more fiddly these days than the focus.

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