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Oil Under The Air Pipes...

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OK, so when my car last went to Ford, they left me a note saying that my "Turbo Pipe" was cracked. Having finally gotten around to looking at the issue, I havent yet been able to find the turbo pipe, let alone the crack. but I did find a lot of oil where it shouldnt have been...

So, I believe that the "t" hose is the air intake


A sample of a particular oil spill underneath on the hose:



First question... Does anyone know where the turbopipe is specifically that I should be looking for

Second question... If I take off the "t" hose and clean the outside, should I expect any oil to be in there?

Third Question... how easy is it to replace the turbo pipe? - Or should I really leave this to experienced mechanics, as I cant find a turbo pipe in the Haynes guide...

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