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Mondeo 2009 Usb Socket Retro-Fit

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Hi guys ans girls,

Im new here, although i've been a avid reader on here for some time. I have a question which seems to have been answered a few times, although none of the posts quite cover my individual circumstances, so I thought I would ask the question in a thread of my own.

I have a 2009 Mondeo 2.0l Diesel Titanium and I have the Sony 6 CD Dash-Changer headunit. I also have the voice control and bluetooth features and the colour screen near the speedo clocks etc. (convers+ or something?) and I do have a 3.5mm audio Aux-in in the glovebox.

However, what I would love to be able to do, is plug my iPod/iphone into the unti and control that as I would with the main system, but alas, my vehicle doesnt have the USB socket in the dash. I've heard some people say it can be retrofitted by changing the bluetooth/voice module, I called Ford dealership and they almost managed to sell me the USB music Box which ALMOST does what i want to do, but doesnt support iPod and doesnt allow you to see track names etc on the screen.

So, my questions to the experts on this forum is:

1. Can this modification be done with the Sony 6CD headunit

2. Can it be done in such a way that the tracks can be read and controlled on the system, as a Factory system would

If it is a matter of changing the bluetooth/Voice module, can anybody tell me the exact model i would need, as i've seen so many different versions being recommended on various posts etc, and I wouldn't want to buy one for £100-200 and be stuck with it, as it's the wrong version.

Also, my understanding is that even if you change the module over, you still need to have it programmed by a dealer to enable the USB as a device on the system. Is this accurate? If so, does anybody know of somebody who would either do the whole fitting job for me (parts and labour) or does somebody know who could do the programming for me, if i managed to get the unit installed by somebody else? I dont want to buy the unit, have it installed, only to find i cannot find somebody to do the programming.

Of course, I'm also open to using a 3rd party solution, though I don't want any external screens hanging around in the cabin or wires all over the place. My overall aim is to keep it as true to the manufacturers way of doing it as possible, but ideally without the huge cost involved. Im more than happy to pay a few hundred pound, but dont want to be spending a fortune.

Can anybody help me with the above? Do we have anybody whos done this job themselves and can say that it works well etc?

Thanks for your time reading all of the above and sorry it's so long winded, but I like to be absolutely as sure as possible what im doing with this sort of thing. Many thanks again.


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There is this system available which fits between the radio and the quadlock addind an usb-


Only thing it doesn't do is track listings but your external device would be controllable.

Tbh it's probably exactly what your dealer has already offered you.

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Thanks for the replies guys. Stoney, that is indeed the device that Ford offered me. Sadly not compatible with iPhone or iPod.

Stooge, I was looking to hard wire it ideally. Is there a way of streaming BT without jail breaking the iPhone?

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Does the iPhone not support A2DP streaming?

An option I use to play my iPod through my aux connection and allow for control is a Griffin system that plugs into a lighter socket.

You can either plug in a 3.5 cable and run it to the aux in socket on the car or tune a spare radio channel to it and stream it that way.-


I find mine very useful as it charges the pod and also has control buttons for track control.

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Hi Stoney,

I dont think the iPhone does support A2DP as standard. When i try to stream through my radio, it comes up on the Convers+ screen as "Audio Muted", so it's definitely not wanting to stream over bluetooth. The Griffin system looks great, though i was hoping to have it fitted into the system so it works in the same way as the manufacturer socket, so you can control the tracks and device like you would a CD changer and have the tracks etc appear on the screen and use voice control etc. Call me fussy, but im happy to pay to have it that way. I am not really looking to do it on the cheap, i just want to do it "right" if that makes sense. I can imagine it's going to be expensive :(

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