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Installing Parrot Mki With Inka Musiconnect To 07 Focus Mk2

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Hi, newbie here..

I've just "downgraded" from a 2011 C-Max to a 2007 Mk2 Focus (C-Max was a company car that I'm returning as I'm leaving my job). I got very used to the integrated bluetooth connectivity on the C-Max so I'm looking at my options to replicate some of that in my Focus. Primarily to stream music via bluetooth from my phone, but also for making calls. Can anyone tell me if this sounds right?

The Focus has the standard CD6000, and does not have the factory fitted aux input (I know I could install that reasonably easily if I wanted to).

I just want to be absolutely clear on what adaptors etc I need to get.

So assume I buy the MKi 9200.

I've read that instead of using a standard SOT ISO convertor lead, there are alternatives that will let me run streamed music from the parrot blue box straight into the aux connector on the CD6000 - meaning I use the car's own amp, and I can access music from my phone via bluetooth using the Aux button on the stereo. They're fully populated and look a bit neater.

I'm aware of the Inka MusiConnect cable - has anyone got experience of this?


I also found this one - not sure if it's the same thing?


So basically, if I buy the parrot kit, and one of those leads (and assuming I have the tools and stereo keys etc to do the job), is that everything I'm going to need? Do I need another lead to connect to the aux port or anything like that?

The alternative, cheaper, and simpler solution will be to just install the standard Aux-In in the glovebox, and connect that to my phone (which is already on a brodit mount on the left of the stereo). I could then buy a separate visor bluetooth kit. Less integrated and more cables, but simpler!

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