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Focus Mk2, Remote Central Locking Issue


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Sorry to post something which is very similar to other postings, but I'm getting weary of googling.

I've got a Mk2 55 plate Focus LX.

The central locking works (always!) when using the key (can only use it on the drivers door as that's the only one with a lock !).

However it stopped working with the remote. Changed the battery in the remote (trying the obvious things first), and it gets a decent power reading on the multimeter (the old one didn't actually seem to be dead either).

I've looked at various things on the internet, but not got very far. One was powering down a 'siemens' box, which the Mk2 doesn't seem to have. Another was pressing a button on the door frame (that makes the interior light come on) - however Mk2 doesn't seem to have said button either.

I haven't as yet dared to try and find the infamous fuse 63, and just wondered before I take the plunge into the unknown (I'm not mechanically minded), I just wondered if there was anything else I could try.

After replacing the battery in the key, I did the 'learning' thing, and it seemed to do as it should, but still won't lock/unlock remotely.

I did look into another key, but the guy who did them, after hearing the problem, said it sounded car related rather than key related, and that therefore buying another key might be throwing my money away (very good of him - I'm sure a lot of places would have gladly let me Shell out).

The problem ties in very roughly with having the windscreen replaced, but to be honest I think that's just a rogue element and not related.

Any advice apreciated. Even if that advice is that I must seek out Fuse 63 :-(

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I think you Central Locking Module has disabled itself. It happens when you disconnect the battery or when the is a electrical problem. The way you get it to reactivate is via the elmconfig. or by going to a ford dealer. There is a TSB for this but not sure what year. But just check the fuse it may just be a simple thing like that. fuse 63 is in the fuse box on the interior passenger leg space.

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Thanks - I'll have a look at the fuse tomorrow. Just to confirm though that the central locking *does* work - just not remotely.

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Just in case anyone reads this and has the same problem. I searched the internet a lot and found a lot of suggestions but what worked for my 07 Focus was hooking it up to the laptop with a £15 ELM cable from eBay (which has to be the type with the switch), used elmconfig software and drivers from the cd that came with the cable In elmconfig, followed the instructions such as switch the ignition on but don't start the car etc, save all the pages of existing settings by first clicking "read from.. " and then clicking "save to file", In the GEM tab, clicked on procedures and then "reset module". I then disconnected everything and "re-learned" the key by doing the turn key from 2-3 in the ignition 4 times and then press a button thing, because I assumed it would forget the keys, but you may not have to even do that. Hope it helps - I wasted two weeks of opening and closing with the key and setting off the alarm all the time.

Ps, when I tried the other tricks with disconnecting the electrics, I reset my stereo and found the code which I had was wrong. I found a chinese seller on eBay (searched for ford v stereo code) who emailed me the correct code to my serial number for about £4.50, so I didn't have to pay the £25 plus which the english sellers wanted for the same thing.

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First thing you need to do is take your key to a locksmith and have him test it to see if it sends a signal.

10 second job and we don't charge for this and I wouldn't expect other locksmiths to.

Don't waste your money until you have the remote checked.

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