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Remote Fob Syncing / Programming

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Hi. I have tried searching and every guide has not worked so any help would be appreciated. I have a mk3 Mondeo st with one fob and one spare/ transponder key.

The battery has gone in the fob. I replaced the battery but it won't do the central locking so I have to unlock with key.

I followed all the guides but none worked. If I turn the ignition 1 to 2 r tunes I get the chime. But when I press or hold the unlock button or any button nothing happens. I put a new battery in with the numbers facing up.

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Little update. Half an hour since I last tried programming. The car alarm has gone off with no one round it. Saw car through kitchen window and the alarm just went off.

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It's going to be a case of trial and error, it could be the remote itself has given up the ghost, a bad contact inside the remote, a duff battery, (Even new ones can be flat).

My best suggestion is to either get a replacement fob from such as fleabay and try that or if you know someone that would be willing to lend you their key to give that a try, (But be warned if your remote has gone, once you programme their remote you can't delete it unless you have another working remote to put on the system)

Out of curiosity where in Yorkshire are you, if your close to Rotherham, PM me and you're welcome to call round and i'll try to help you with it

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Isnt there another way to do it by putting 1 of the keys into ignition & other key in door lock and manually open door, or something. Cant remember anymore. Maybe that was my other motor tho(not a ford)

Oops just realised thats what you probably tried. Is the led on the clock flashing etc?

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