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Recommended Air Filter?

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OK so I am looking to do an interim service on the car, getting KwikFit to do a brake fluid and oil / filter change for £40 (would cost me that for all the parts, and then a bit more in time, hassle and tools) and then want to do the air filter...

I think its the cone shape one only (fairly sure it is) but does anyone have any recommendations of decent ones that don't cost a fortune, but might improve quality of driving?

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The truth is you probably won't notice any difference on a stock car, (new "performance" filter vs new stock/"budget" filter) you may as well fit a cheap pattern filter, because its a new, clean air filter, it flows better than an old, blocked one, (compared to even the most expensive "performance" filters)

So if you fit a budget/ pattern filter, the money saved could be put towards something else IMO

To get a noticable improvement, you really need to fit a tuning box, remap or bluefin, (this would give you your most "bang-for-buck") , an EGR blanking plate/ EGR disabling/ delete makes a small difference (but at low cost) freer flowing exhaust (dpf delete/ decat/ large bore sports system etc)

Once all that has been done, and the air intake is also improved (better parts / gas flowed airbox/ shorter/better boost hoses etc) -

A performance filter may improve the pickup a bit from lower revs

I spent a lot of money/ time/ effort to find out all this stuff / seperate the BS from fact - i run the cheapest pattern air filter i can find - (but change it every 6 months 5k) its about £10

So on balance, i would fit a stock/ pattern filter, and put the money saved towards fuel/ tyres/ essentials or even a remap/ tuning box

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Thanks Foca, Cheap pattern it is!

As for the EGR, that is planned to be blanked when I get enough time and decent weather to do so, and as for the tuning box, I was going to get one, but we need to get a place of our own, so that is certainly going to be a last option now unfortunately!

Thankfully, my car doesnt have a DPF either, so that should save some hassle long term!

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In case its any help to anyone... Filter was easy to do, slacken the jubilee clip and pull the hose off, undo the torx screws (3 on front, 2 on the rear) pull the casing up and slide the old out, and the new in.

In the event of the 1.6tdci - Ignore the haynes manual, as it suggests that this is a cone shaped filter - its not, it is a panel type as per the 1.8 and 2.0.

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