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Re-Connect Battery & Problem With Dash Lights


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Hi Folks,

I disconnected the battery on my Mondeo 130, hdi, 56-plate and when re-connectied, the 3 indicator lights for my heating choices all come on at the same time and cannot be pressed off - the one for blowing air to your feet, the screen etc and they`re just above the cd player.

I`ve disconnected the battery before and bnever had this problem and know how to re-set the windows up-down buttons, but need help with solving this problem.

I also deliberately disconnected the battery again and left it for an hour before re-connecting, but same problem.

Any advice would be much appreciated.




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Get a diagnostics done & it'll tell you if theres a prob with the PCM/GEM. If you get an ELM327 cable,Forscan can test them,to a certain extent. Its free to download google forscan. Only other thing i can think of is taking it to someone with a full Ford IDS/VMM and get a full scan done as obviously something is making your electrics play up. Dont know if itd make any difference but is ur battery fully charged up properly?

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On the pre facelift Mk3 with climate control there was a way to start a self test and reset process on the heater system. You pressed and held two buttons and then pressed another. Unfortunately it was so long ago I cant remember which buttons.

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thanks for this info re re-setting the heater system...i guessed it may be something like this, but had no idea what to do...

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But that wouldnt explain the indicator light problem though. I think its sonething a bit more than that,considering its affecting his aircon and lighting. Ive heard they can do strange things when battery voltages go low. Im thinking along the lines of GEM/PCM though. Hope not though as ive had a couple of those & they werent cheap to repair/replace. Are you sure youve not shorted anything out while removing/installing the battery?

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What indicator light are you referring to? I`ve no probs with my indicators. It`s the 3 blower direction buttons that now light up at the same time and won`t go off along with the A/C not coming on...I `m quite sure it`s just a matter of pushing the right buttons to reset it after a battery disconnection...need to find someone who knows this procedure.

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Activation of self-diagnosis

With the ignition switched on to position 2, on the E(A)TC module, PRESS the "OFF" and "FOOTWELL" buttons simultaneously very briefly, then PRESS "AUTO" within 1.5 seconds.

The self-diagnosis which then starts lasts a few seconds. An animated display appears in the E(A)TC display during this time. Any faults found are displayed in the form of trouble codes. Example: First of all, "93" flashes for 2 seconds, then "42" flashes for 2 seconds - DTC 9342. If no faults are stored, then all of the segments in the display are actuated.

Diagnosis mode can be stopped at any time by PRESSING any button on the E(A)TC module.

Note: If the "DEFROST" button is pressed to end the diagnosis mode, all DTCs in the fault memory will be deleted!

Fault Codes

B1200 Any button of the air conditioning system Button jammed/stuck

B1242 Air recirculation flap: fault in the circuit Open circuit/short circuit

B1251 Interior temperature sensor: open circuit Check the wire and the sensor

B1253 Interior temperature sensor: short to earth Check the wire and the sensor

B1261 Sun load sensor short to earth Check the wire and the sensor

B1262 Air distribution flap - defrost fault in the Check the wiring; defrost flap circuit positioning motor

B1263 Air distribution flap - centre vents: fault Check the wiring; centre vents in the circuit positioning motor

B1342 Automatic climate control module inoperative The trouble code is set in the event of failure.

B1676 Insufficient battery voltage battery voltage not in the range 9 - 16V

B2266 Temperature flap: fault in the circuit Check the wiring and the temperature flap positioning motor

B2297 Heater housing outlet sensor: open circuit Check the wiring and the sensor

B2298 Heater housing outlet sensor: short to earth Check the wiring and the sensor

B2308 Interior temperature sensor for the fan Damaged motor or open circuit motor inoperative

B2516 Blower: fault in the circuit Damaged motor or open circuit

Retrieved from (Ford Wiki)
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