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Suspension Knocking / Rattle?

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HI all.

Car has developed a rattle / knock from the rear left when going over uneven ground or speed humps.

I have checked the shocker and it seems sound as there is no bounce, the anti roll link bar appears to be intact and it is definitely not the exhaust knocking.

Any ideas guys and girls?

Thanks in advance.

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hoping its not the subframe bushes going, but don't really know what that will sound like.

Rear end does'nt feel as solid as it did when going over speed humps

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It could be any number of bushes.

It could also be the ARB droplink (even if it looks OK visually, it might not be). Also might be the spring is broken. Any movement in it at all, and is the bottom of it seated correctly? They normally break near the top or near the bottom, so it's not always easy to see. Jack the car up to take the tension off the spring a little, and see if you can move it. Might also check the wheel bearing while the car's jacked up, for s**ts and giggles.

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check your undershield, mine makes a `hollow banging ` noise when on rough roads, first I thought it was something in the boot so I ran the car empty and still had the noise, had a look underneath and the undersheild is loose. not sure how I`m going to fix it yet but ill be under there today,

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Thanks all. Was the arb link.

Had to put car into mates garage to have split hose sorted and he CBS led out the knocking and replaced the link bar. All sorted

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