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'03 Mondeo Zetec 1.8 Egr Problem

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Yes, it's that old chestnut but I seriously want some advice. When searching for this problem, I seem to find loads on diesel engines but nothing on petrol engines such as mine. Do the same problems occur on both and can the cures be the same?

Our baby shed the EGR flaps and connecting rod into one of the cylinders and we were lucky nothing serious occured! My mechanic friend spent a fine hour lifting the debris out of the cylinder that copped it using wire and a magnet through the spark plug hole. The other cylinders checked out clear and dandy. The car still runs well, has just sailed through it's MOT but she sounds like a handful of spanners in a tumble-dryer. (No, that's not how I clean tools).

I need to know if we can fit blanking-off cap(s), as with diesels, to get rid of the racket now coming out and how many caps do we need?. Sounds like the old Ford tappet noise but amplified. We'll eventually fit another EGR system but is it for each cylinder?

Forgive my ignorance but this is the newest car I've had and my friend has not done a Mondeo EGR before now.

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MMM in curious as i think your thinking of the inlet manifold flaps which do go and gets sucked into the engine.mine rattles but i disconnected the vacum damper at the end so the flaps dont work.there renowned to fail.and if the flaps are still in there and the damper are connected it dose sound like that. 1st thing would be to remove inlet manifold and remove the flaps and the rod then fill the holes up where the rods go through the manifold with metal arradite.im suprised its the egr valve

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Every diagnosis site I've visited has pointed to this being an EGR problem but you may be right Peter. We removed the remaining flaps and rod (what was left and didn't go into the cylinders) and I feel happier knowing it can't happen again but am left with the noise. Plugging the rod holes may be a solution though.

Anyone else with ideas?

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yea i would plug up holes are it means ur drawing in extra air but i would also check inlet manifold for debree aswell as remove the plugs to see if there slightly damaged incase somethink else is inside hope that helps

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