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One-Touch Windows

karlos the jackal

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Is my Focus supposed to have one-touch close on the driver's window? One-touch opening works fine but I have to keep my finger on the switch to close it.

The manual has a procedure for resetting the memory of the windows but I've tried this several times but it still doesn't work.

The base-model Citroen I had had this feature on both front windows and I'm really missing it!

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When you pull the switch up , does it click into a second position?

No :angry:

One touch down not up on any model below titanium spec ide imagine if you get a switch from a titanium it would work

I had a feeling that it was a tit only feature! Ford are a bunch of tightwads, even the van in work has one-touch up and down windows!

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i've got one touch down/up on my ghia

there was a discussion on this a fair while ago and i think it is just the higher spec models.. actually it was i that started the discussion lol after i changed my battery and had to reprogram the feature. i didnt know it was a higher spec only option till a lot of members said they didnt have the feature and i thought i was going mad thinking i'd imagined having one touch up before changing the battery

out of interest do you have global opening/closing?

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Karl's is yours a 2 or 4 door if its a 2 I have a window switch panel here for it off a titanium if you want to try it I'm in E PORT if you want to give it a try just pm me

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Thanks Neil but I have a 4 door.

I've found out that this feature is only on models with 4 electric windows and has the 'global closing' feature, where if you lock the car all the windows close. Unfortunately a simple switch change won't enable it, you will need to change the motors too as they apparently have additional sensors/microswitches in them.

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It is possible to retrofit the "comfort windows" but it is a lot of work and you will need many parts.

Focus MK2/MK2.5 models with 2 electric windows are equipped with a conventional power window system. The windows are controlled directly by the window switch. Only the driver door has the quick down function wich is controlled by an extra electrical circuit in the driver door switch.

Focus MK2/MK2.5 models with 4 electric windows (and also some ST and RS models) are equipped with "comfort windows". The window switches gives just a signal by the CAN-bus network to the door modules which control the window motors (and some other functions). Door modules are only present in cars which have options that require the door modules. Benefits of this system are the quick up and down functions of all windows and the global opening and closing by the remote control.

If you want to retrofit the "comfort windows" you will need the following parts.

* The wiring looms in all doors.

* The window switches in all doors.

* Power window motor with door module for both front power windows.

* Complete mechanism with power window motor and door module for both rear windows.

Afterwards the door modules must be programmed to the car. I am planning to do this upgrade later this year and collected almost all the needed parts.

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Hi everyone.I joined the forum today.I have a typical problem in my 2006 Ford Focus II Power Windows.The one touch power window function is working flawlessly but when I try to bring the front/rear passenger windows from the driver's window console the passenger windows come down/up by giving jerks.The passenger windows don't come down/up smoothly,but if I control the passenger windows from respective door switches it works flawlessly.The problem arises only when I control from the drivers console.Is there any fault in the windows control module.

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