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Bluetooth Audio Streaming??


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Hi Guys,

Got a quick question for you,

I've got an Iphone5 and want to use it as a media device, now I currently have the 6000cd head unit and unless I use the aux input I cant use my phone as a media device. My main question is if I upgrade the unit to one of the factory sony models is there any way I can use my phone to stream audio or even plug and charge it at the same time?

My main issue is that my Aux input is in my glovebox and I use my phone as a sat-nav when needed, if I plug the aux in I cant use it as a sat-nav as it physically doesnt reach where I mount the phone as I like to be able to check the map on the sat-nav.

music isn't to much of an issue as i can wack my Ipod through the aux if need be, it would just be nice to have the option of bluetooth audio that sends music/sat-nav directions through the unit as opposed to having to keep the radio turned down so i can hear the sat-nav haha!!

Thanks in advance


This is the headunit I currently have vvv


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You need to upgrade both the radio (to Sony) and the handsfreekit (to the one with USB/Ipod interface).

Even then the nav voice will only be audible through the radio when the bluetooth source is selected (it will not switch whilst on CD, USB or radio).

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I had an idea I'd have to upgrade the handsfree kit, any idea where I can pick one up from?

I dont know what route to go down, wether to stick with oem stuff or do it properly and install an aftermarket unit with built in handsfree mic.

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