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Keyless Entry/immobilzer Active Fault

Cockney Boy

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On a few occcations when i open my car door on my 2011 S-Max i get the Immobilizer Active alert and my car wont start, even tho i have my car fob in my hand (otherwise it wouldnt have opened my car)

On all three occations i called Ford Assist out. AA chip up and scratch their heads. on one occation it just reset itself after about 10 minutes, but the last time the car battery had to be disconnected for a few minutes and it then worked.

The car goes in for this fault to be checked under warranty but im not holding much hope with my local garage. Is this a common problem with keyless entry on Fords?

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Its funny, I have been having odd problems with the Keyless entry on my Focus.

Slightly different problem, the car will partly unlock, but not fold out mirrors and will keep clicking like it is trying to move the mechanical lock in the door. Then when I open the door, the alarm will go off until I actually sit in the car with my key, at which point the mirrors will also fold out. It is like the car hasn't realised it has unlocked the doors, but then will not finish the complete unlocking/disarming process.

I went to my dealer today (after popping in yesterday) to see the Senior technician, and even he was stumped. It only happens on my car about once a month, so the guy agreed there was no point taking the car in at the moment.

He asked me to try using the other key for a while and see if that makes any difference, will help the garage determine if it is a problem with the key or car then and narrow down what they need to look at.

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Hi, My Focus this having similar issues. The keyfob will not open the car and when I press the start bottom (keyless start) sometimes the boot opens. this is the second time it happen, but the first time it just started working after a few minutes, took it to the garage to check the log and had an errors related to the clutch pedal and keyfob. I've replaced the battery in the keyfob. The is sitting in my drive way.

What was the problem with your's and how did you solve it.

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