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Steering Noisey/shuddering Ford KA, P Reg


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Over the last few weeks, the steering has been quite noisey, even the slightest turn of the steering wheel in a parked position will make a squeel noise. It seems to go away/be quieter when driving above 20mph, but you can hear it around corners at low speed.

Coupled with the noise is the sometimes jerky feeling of steering you will turn a bit it and it sometimes bites a little, not enough to pull you out of position but enough that you notice.

Anyone have any ideas?

Ford KA is P Reg, around 65k miles.


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Alright, the belt actually makes sense, dont know why i didnt think of it. Fluid is fine.

Where abouts is the belt located? how can I adjust it, and any ideas on the tools? - At uni so dont have a lot of tools and no manual for the car as its my girlfriends

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i think the power steering pump is mounted on the top of the engine at the left end as you look under the bonnet, the belt takes a snaking route around various pulleys this is why they are often called serpentine belts, check for any looseness in the belt

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