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Reccomendations For Uprated Audio In 2001 Focus

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Hi guys

I have to start by saying I know pretty much zero about car audio. I'm just looking for recommendations on where to start in uprating the audio of my Focus. It already had a nice after-market head unit when I got it but I find the Speakers are all high-end with little in the low and bass end.

Are there any decent Speakers out there you can recommend that I can swap the stocks for too give me more bass? Or is this going to involve some kind of complicated amp and sub set up? If so is it possible to get small, discrete subs rather than the huge, showy ones? I kind of like my boot space :D

A little research shows that the car takes 6x9 Speakers in the front and 5x7 in the back.

Thanks for any help guys?

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in mine i have full jbl set up mids in the doors 2 x 8 inch subs on shelf 6 x tweeters and 2 x 15 inch subs in the boot flip dvd

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Sounds like a pretty extensive set-up you have there. I don't think I want to go quite that far, I can't really afford it to be honest.

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You get 'sound boxes' I cant remember names or anything but they actually fit under the seata and I've heard very good stuff about them. If not I'd recommend an active sub in the boot. Amp is built into it and if you need your boot space it is literally pop bonnet, remove fuse, disconnect 5 wires feom sub and lift out and just tuck wires under back seats! - simples! *meerkat squeak*

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You could fit the vibe underseat sub -


It is compact and very powerful, it could be also fitted in the boot (eg, at the side) the amp is built in, if your head unit does not have a line or sub - out you can use one of these -


There is also the Pioneer - "spare tyre" sub - this is an amplified sub with wired remote that can fit inside the spare wheel - it is reported to be very powerful and only weighs 5kgs -


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