Focus 2.0 Tdci Fuel Filter Housing

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Has anyone else had a problem with trying to open up the fuel filer housing to change the filter?? I for the love of god cannot open it up and I'm applying lots of pressure to it. I gave up on it today in fear of destroying it! Surely it should not be this tight!?!

I do have a feeling that ford dealer who did the services previously had the same issue too and left it!

Don't really know what to do now other than change the whole housing,

Any advice appreciated as always! :)

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You need to use a 27mm socket on the top of the filter head to unscrew it from it's casing.

Also ensure that when you reassemble the filter that you also replace the sealing ring (put it onto the filter head before tightening it down onto the casing).



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I just experienced this exact problem today, and was wondering how you solved this issue. The mechanics wouldn't give it another push in fear of breaking the plastic housing. I find it a bit ridiculous that this has happened, and I surmise that its because its a vacuum environment where the pressure needs to be released first before you can open it.

Any kind of help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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