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Upsizing - S-Max Or Galaxy?

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I'm thinking (just thinking at moment) of selling the C-Max and upsizing to a Galaxy or S-Max, just wanted to get opinions on the two models, whats the main differences? If you were to upsize to a 7 seater would one of these be your choice? and is there a model to stay clear of (like the 1.6 diesel auto C-Max)

I prefer the look of the S-Max over the Galaxy. I know the C-Max Grand has 7 seats but wouldn't be able to afford one of these as they have not long been out

Sorry it's not in Galaxy/S-Max forum but didn't want to single it out and miss opinions on both models

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I personally prefer the look of the SMAX, I think that they are both good cars, but to be honest the S Max just (IMHO) has that something extra, I think it styles well, where IMHO the Galaxy although updated in appearance is still the same old box car that it always was.

The Galaxy seems to be the largest of the two, so fuel economy is something that you probably sacrifice in comparison to the CMAX.

You haven't long had your C-MAX have you?

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Hi Jeebowhite, no not had it that long just over year, purchased it in April last year (with 22k), only done 6000 miles since owning it lol, nothing wrong with it just thinking out loud due to an expanding family, interested in it? :)

I'm only thinking at this stage, not 100% yet

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I wish I could afford a new motor :( just about coping with the expenses of repairs on mine lol :p so unless you fancy a swap? :p

I have two kids, and the wife, and a double buggy in my boot, I find that its not too bad at the moment, however if you want to upgrade I would start looking at the SMAX personally.

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Yeh I was always thinking of opting for an S-Max out of the two but wanted to get opionios on the Galaxy.

Problem is because of the price difference I would have to go for a higher mileage S-Max and get rid of my low mileage C-Max so it's also a gamble...

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where to start,ive owned a mk1 and mk2 galaxy,mk2 is far superior in goodies etc.

but the general consensus is the mk1 is more reliable.

the mk3 mmm i know of a few people who have 1 and there opinions are from 1 extreme to the other.

take a look on




lots of info on there.

i test drove a couple of mk3 before getting my smax,they drove superbly but thatwas only for about 1/2hr,so not having 1 long term perhaps my opinion would change?

now the smax is the best of both worlds,looks better then the mk3 imo.

handles like a car unlike the mk3

and if you go for the petrol volvo engine version,wow apparently its a missile.

auto express highly rate the smax.

have you thought about a decent mk2? dont forget the tdi's are basically vw,so take a looksie at the sharan or the alhambra.

hold there value very well.

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Thanks Gregers, I was aware the earlier Galaxy's were realiable, someone at my work has one with 220k on the clock, still going strong

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yeah theres a few around and the owners have no intention of parting with them,i stupidly sold my mk2 tdi ghia and bought a lexus is200.1 of my all time favorite cars.after 2 weeks i hated it with a vengeance and got shot of it within 5 mths,at a cost of about 2k loss to me :o :iim: :( after paying out for it and a major service and cam belt change etc,bitterly regret it.

pxed it for the smax.i tried to get another mk2 but at the time they were holding onto their value far to much.

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