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Recently i replaced my speed sensor thats located on the gear box, and in as most speed sensors this one was stuck in there after much hassel of trign to get it out for a whole day i managed to fit the new one...... but during the prosses half of the sensor dropped into the gear box, and i just watched it disapere into the void of oil. i was hoping it would just grind away being a bit of plastic ,but sadly it has not, can anyone think of any quick fixes for this, is there anthing i can remove to gain enough acess into the grad box to fish it out?

any help would be apprecated as my girlfriend is stressign at me as on and off she loses 2nd-4th-and reverse.

many thanks for reading this.


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I would suggest you may be best doing a drain of the gearbox oil, then it should come out with the flow, If it doesnt come out at first, then flush the gearbox, which if done with a bit of force should remove it, then you just fill with new oil.

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