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Evening all


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Well hey there everyone. My name's Billy, I'm 19 and I'm a student.

I currently own and drive both a '86 2ltr Capri and '92 fiesta xr2i 1.8.



Previously owned a 306 and hated it, apart from it's air con, and an old 95 1.3 fiesta, which was pretty pants but i had a hell of a lot of driving fun in that old thing, before I sold it to my friend, who "rally converted" it then got it crushed. Along with my Si seats I wanted back and the abundance of crap i left in it for him to bag up for me.

I'm looking for some ideas to get the most of out both cars, engine parts and somewhat 'modifcations' for it (performance no chaving them up), so if anyone's any good pointers on what to buy and what not that would be greatly appriciated thanks :]

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