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2L Tddi Engine Jumping And Cutting Out


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I have a 51 plate mk3 2L TDDi estate and yesterday the engine started to jump as if it was out of deisel, the car then broke down and would not start. I returned to the car today and it started up first time, but broke down again on the way to a garage.

I managed to tow the car to the garage who ran their diagnostics machine and it gave these codes:

p0404 - exhaust gas recirculation valve

p0148 - fuel delivery error

p0149 - fuel timing error

p1564 - injection pump control module requesting reduced fulling

I then got RAC to come out and he checked with diagnostics again and told me the EGR valve would be the problem. He removed the valve and cleaned it up and fitted it back into the engine. We also noticed a lot of oil in the engine and he said it was spraying from somewhere, when i took a closer look i can see one of the pipes coming from a bolt on the engine bubbling a tiny amount, he told me to keep my eye on the pipe. (you can see this in the centre of the first video below).

Once he had replaced the EGR valve he checked with diagnostics again and it was clear of errors. i set off and managed to get home yet the car is still jumping the same and i would imagine a few more miles down the road it would cut out again. The car seems to start fine after sitting idle for 10 mins but then starts to jump at first on heavy acceleration an then under any acceleration. ive read up on here that it could be the rear fuel pump inside the tank but the garage i got to said it could also be the pump in the front of the car that would cost twice what the cars worth to repair.

Has anyone got any advice? im not sure what's best to do as the garage said they could repair the rear pump for £350 but it might not fix the problem, i really cant afford to spend £350 on replacing the pump and it not solve the problem. My other option is to put the car on eBay as is and buy something else which would be a shame as when it works its a great car!

Ive just spent a long weekend in the lakes doing quite a few miles and the car drove perfectly, im also not getting any warning lights on the dash.

Ive uploaded some videos showing the engine jumping below


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Your car is a TDDI with a fixed vane turbo and a rear mounter EGR, (some had a VNT, some had a front mounted EGR and a different design of inlet manifold)

TDDIs have EURO3 emmisions, it is ok to blank the EGR valve, (Solid plate only, not aluminium, steel, preferably stainless steel of a decent thickness, You can blank it between the EGR cooler and EGR valve

It would be wise to blank the EGR first and see what happens before spending any more money (in case the spending is un-nessesary) - a blanking plate can be bought online for about £5

The lift pump on a TDDI is not inside the fuel tank - it is forward of the tank, underneath the car, it can be bought for about £100 (pattern/ decent quality) - a competent DIY handyman could fit it with no problem, in my opinion (coding not required)

The second pump is the one on the engine - it is the vp44 rotary fuel pump and can cost £700 just for a refurbed one, it is coded to the ECU and if you buy a secondhand one you often need the pump, ECU, key/s and locks

I look at the video bot cannot see the leak - you seemed to be looking at the power steering pump - is the power steering fluid (in the resovoir) going down?

The TDDIs can get really dirty inside the boost pipes and the inlet manifold from the EGR, and the intercooler from the breather, cleaning out the inlet manifold, and intercooler can help, and blanking the EGR and fitting a catchtank to the breather

What is the milage of the car? was the car ran out of fuel/ "dodgy" fuel used or any other work/ changes done to the car before it started to "play up"/ have you had the car a while/ did it run fine before?

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