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Ac Clutch Not Engaging.

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My Ac clutch isnt angaging when i press the Ac button in the car so no cold air, i check the gas with Halfords ac gauge reader and its half full still any ideas how i could fix this?, i havent drove the car since checking it (has its been to hot), i have check all fuse's in engine bay all seem to be ok but i havent drove the car for a while only checked it when it was idle.. would i after be driving it for the ac clutch to engage?

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i filled it up now with gas, now the clutch is engaging for a few secs, turning off for a sec, then engaging for a few... keeps doin it, is that normal?

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Thanks hope it is quite normal, its just that my vauxhall insignia cdti Ac clutch stays active and dosnt go off every 3 secs.. so just thought i had a problem.i get too paranoid over things i do lol

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Sounds to me like your radiator fan is dead. The Mk3 only has one fan for both the radiator and air con - if there's no air flowing through the a/c radiator then it won't work.

Three ways to confirm; First, run the a/c with the bonnet up, and have a look to see if the fan is going. Second, go for a drive, try the air con. If it works with the car moving, but not when the car's been sat for a few minutes, your fan is likely dead. Last, get a bit of two-core wire and hook the fan up direct to the battery. It's easier to do this with the fan off the car, but possible with it on (you need to anchor the rad at the top, and undo the mounting brackets below to get the fan out, and I guarantee the bolts will be siezed solid, so your only other alternative would be to wiggle it out the top way, which is do-able but very awkward).

Disclaimer: Getting you hands near the fan while its running is a great way to amputate your own fingers. Do so at your own risk.

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