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Ford Cmax 2011 Blower Problems When In Reverse


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Hi Guys ive been meaning to come on to these forums since i signed up

ive got a big list of problems but im only going to focus on one at the moment

its the air blower

when turned on its lightly blowing air out put it on full not much difference

even with the air con on its the same however if i switched the recycle button it blows up like it should hitting you in the face. that's all good but still dosnt do it when recycle is switched off.

when aircon is on or just normal fan when parked and i put the car in reverse the fan comes on full as i put it into 1st gear and pull off it goes back down again.

a couple of times when ive gone to use the indicator's the Blower has come one full

now ive had it in last sumer and was told nothing wrong made to feel it was me being wrong and that what do i know

now its summer again and weve just came back from a weeks holiday down south we had to have all the windows open as it didnt make any difference

#its been in the garage for a few things ie sterring rack had gone on us but thats another storry

anyways i was told they couldnt find a problem ive got in the car put the fan on and it did what ive said abouve ive gone in and got some guys to come out hes got in the car ive showed him it and hes puzzeled and couldnt give me an answer and he said he will look into it and get back to me

To Night ive got a call from him after he as talked to someone at ford in what ever section it was and ytold him that its wright this is how it works

Apparantly when you put it in gear ie 1st the flaps will close WHY as thius prevents carbon menoxide to eneter the cabin and this is also the answer to the indicator's

im not a mechanic but im not stupid ether

has anyone else come across this problem as im doing a bit of home work and i will also be ring ford them self.

also list off falts

radio has been replaced twice its the Sony one

radio cuts out

cant pick up digital channels

radio frequency go high and then low like a yoyo

steering rack has gone twice

bad seals on the doors as water gets in

slips out of reverse almost every time

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Ouch, sounds like a rough time on the car there!

The blower issue, sounds like an electrical fault, seems a short out somewhere is being relinquished by the use of other electronics, hence the more expected result of the fan speed. You may be best consulting with an auto electrician, but start off checking for error codes!

As for the other issues, Radio signal, sounds like a bad connection to the antenna... you dont have cree reverse bulbs do you?

Radio cutting out, supports the idea that the electrics are a bit sketchy... the signal could also be the issue with the not picking up digital chanels

Steering rack is a bit of a worry, sounds like something major is a miss there, but I would wonder why its eaten two and how its managed to eat two!

Door seals sounds like the possibility more of a slightly out of line door, even a milimeter is enough to cause the water to get in.

As for slipping out of reverse, I know it sounds obvious, but you definately have it pushed firmly in place? some will struggle to get it into gear if they dont realise you have to give it that extra push...

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I Think ive got my self a fri/mon car its been in and out since the day we got it and our dealer isnt the best

i seem to be hitting a brick wall with ford.

I was in 2 minds before i got the car reading all the faults and i wish i hadnt maybe time to get rid and go back to Mazda

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