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Modification Questions ?

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I seen this photo earlier on Instagram


Does anybody know how this is done ? As the bonnet has

A notch around the does badge, so could this be photo shopped or just a custom bonnet ?

Also I was thinking on possibly fitting the rear diffuser from the new ST


As I think it looks a lot better than the zetec S, (and the front from the old zs looks a lot better anyway) has anybody done this ? And does anybody know of it would fit ?

Finally how hard is it to paint/wrap the interior plastics ? And do you have to completely remove them to paint them ?

Here are some mods I've done so far anyway..

alloys done white

DMBs put on front and back, and steering wheel

Asian grill fitted


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It'll be a custom grill I think.

Im fairly sure the ST diffuser is a straight swap for the Zetec S's.

I painted some of my interior plastics and it was fairly easy mine was the standard mk6 fiesta so I bought the bits of trim I was painting online quite cheap then just painted them and swapped them straight over. Just take your time and make sure you prime it using the correct plastic primer, make sure you leave enough time between coats and then lacquer it properly. The whole process should take 4 maybe 5 days. Ive never done Amy wrapping so cant help you there sorry

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Yea I was thinking of doing a carbon fibre wrap or possibly paint it black or blue,

I'm hoping its a straight swap only thing is the exhaust doesn't stick out on the zs, so I might need a new exhaust too

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The de-badge on the front consists of removing the grill

No replacement of grill afterwards, just remove the existing one or cut the grill section out keeping the frame in place.

Then get a body shop to weld a small section to the bonnet and smooth it out

Then cut out the centre of the bumper and fill with fibre glass then smooth over

Prime & paint

Results are the image you have above, looks better IMO

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