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Warning light problem

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My 06 ka has developed a warning light issue. The ABS light flickered on and off a couple of times last week then stopped. Then the battery light started going on and off, not all the time. The fan belts not loose so its not that. Then on Monday this week both lights were taking it in turns to flicker on and off, like a disco on the way to work!!. Then today, nothing, until coming back from work and the battery light came on. Its very odd. Vefore anyone shouts garage quick..its booked in but earliest is next tues. Any idea? loose wire or mega problems?

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it sounds like the voltage regulator or broken wire in the loom

check there is no water under the dash or where electics run aswell.

it not sure use wd40 to displace any water or damp.

you mayfind it's a simple relay that's gone

there are some relays under the bonnet & the re are some

located behind the fuse box

remove the fuse box cover then undo the 2 screws above it & pull it away & you will see the relays behind the fuses

i bet it's a relay gone myself.

if you contact your local ford parts & tell them what's happening

they should tell you the relay that's playing up if it is one.

i hope you get it sorted soon as it don't sound good

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