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Camera To Record Driving


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Hello, a friend of mine has like a camera facing forward that records what happens in front of him, it's for peace of mind in the event of an accident.

A few questions, what one is a good one?

Where does the data get stored too?

How does it know when the car is on?


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Dash cams are getting quite popular. There are a lot of cheap Chinese imports - worth researching (more expensive doesn't necessarily mean better)

There is a Dash cam forum - and there is a good thread on the Fiat Forum ('Cheap Dash Cam')

They're often wired in to a switched live - on the Fiats, generally tapped into the 12v socket.

I will be getting one myself after my next sea trip - probably an F70 or F70N

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Here's a front and rear view , mines a dual camera , records to a 32gb class10 SD card , light was not very good in the two videos , but this gets worse at night time , cameras that state night vision like mine , makes no difference at all , so don't go for one that tries to make out that it makes a difference.Mine is connected to ignition live and records constantly. just remove the SD card and you can transfer the recordings to a PC.

Mine cost's about £70 off eBay , there are loads of new ones around.


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