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Hardwire An Iphone 5 Charger?


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Just wondering if anyone has hardwired an iPhone 5 charger into their Focus? This is something I wouldn't mind doing to be honest, I just need to find out how I would do it.

I would like to hardwire the charger in, and have it running behind the centre console area so the charging plug comes out of the airvent on the left hand side of the steering wheel (this is because I am hoping to get a Brodit Clip to fit there which will make it all look nice and tidy).

Any pointers folks? Is this a tricky one?


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I can run you up a patch cable for a couple of pounds (for postage only) which will give you a connection to splice from behind the 12 volt socket and allow you to place another hidden 12 volt socket wherever you want one.

Just let me know how long you want it to be.

You'll need to source a spare Ford socket from somewhere though.

eBay usually has a few.


You'll need to tape around the outside of the sleeve to avoid shorting if it's to be left hanging loose behind the dash.

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You just connect one end to the original socket supply cable and another end to the socket itself giving you a second connection which allows you to add another socket wherever you choose.

Basically it's a Y shaped addition to the socket loom.

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