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Bluetooth Woes After Changing Stereo

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Right my Mondeo came supplied with a 6000 CD single CD, I was able to pair my phone and use the bluetooth without issues, I then changed this stereo for a sony 6 CD unit from a focus, swap went fine and got the CD all plugged in and working. Only issue is the bluetooth now will not work, there are no phones listed to debond, when I try to connect my phone can see ford audio and when I go to connect I get asked for a pin, on the old 6000 unit at this point the radio would display a pairing code (I think the new CD is meant to do the same), but the new CD doesn't display a number and just say no phones connected. I had the bluetooth module out last night (what a fun job that is especially if you a biggish bloke!) left is disconnected, as expected my phone couldn't pick up a ford audio device, but the CD player behaved in exactly the same way. Anyway plugged the bluetooth back in hoping the unplugging would reset it, but no difference, is the fact the new CD is out of a focus an issue?? could I need a different bluetooth module??

Details from CD are (prob not in correct order)

05 04 02

Radio KW 4

BL_02 05 44

CD.30.06 L

08 06 2007

FB 6

EQ 06



And the bluetooth details are novero anatel and the Ford part no is 8m5t 19g488AM

I can't even plugged the old CD back in as I'm waiting for the V5 to come back so I can get the code off ford :-(

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Focus stereo not compatable with Mondeo and the same in opposite.

Also pre facelift 05-08 focus stereo is not comparable with facelift 08-11 focus even if its oval shape

Bluetooth, aux, and voice control effected on all models when mis matched.

Also Mondeo stereo fitted to facelift focus causes crackle on the mic

All symptoms experienced by myself,

I'm now on my third Sony stereo, the one I now have is an oval shaped pre-facelift

So my bluetooth,aux and voice control don't function.

Previous stereo was a 6cd Sony from a Mondeo,

Same symptoms aswell as crackling mic and stalk control errors

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