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Rear Brake Discs And Pads Change


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How easy is this to do? I've changed both a couple of times in previous cars but never on a 2008 mondeo.

Pagid discs and pads come out at £100.

Also, I range a couple of local garages for quotes and they came out at £200-£220 depending on the size of disc and pads - apparently there is more than 1 size for this model?? What size should they be?


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£100?!!!!! I got mines from ECP for grand total of £46(eicher),for everything wi 25% off.

You'll need 2 wind back tools (maybe!),mines was anticlockwise on 1 side & clockwise on the other side. Some models since 2007 u only need 1 tool as theyre both same direction. Its an easy job,so go for it. If u dont know the sizes phone local dealers & theyll give u part numbers etc.(its what theyre for haha)

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Its not as if they've to do anything heavy-duty,so why pay more than you have to?

As long as the pads arent nasty cheapo's you'll be fine with any brand. They mustve put prices up either that or my discount was more than 25%.cant be arsed lookin for receipt tho but know it was £40 odd. The rears dont have to take as much punishment as the fronts so horses for courses as far as make etc. think £100 is bit steep though. Try your local factors maybe,but £60 aint so bad eh. Have you got a wind back tool. Theres ones on eBay for £21,with left & right threads with lotsa different model-fittings.

Also thats rubbish about eicher pads squealing. The reason your pads squeal is because of not bedding in properly,putting pads on badly scored discs,or by not putting moly grease on the backs..a squeal is only vibration after all.

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Thanks again for replies. I'll compare prices to local motor factors.

When changing the rears do you have to do anything with the handbrake cable? or is it the usual wheel off, calliper off, pads out, discs off and then replace?

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