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Ford Tensioner Crazy Price-Wowcher!!!


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Well my tensioner is knackered so phoned ford as didnt want a cheap rubbish 1 off eBay. Last spring lasted about 4k before rattling once more. Unbelievably,ford dealer wanted £200!!!!!!lol they said the price has just went up due to parts/manufacturers etc.

Came off the phone to them,then phoned jaguar in perth. Alan you're a star! £66.04 & VAT!!!

Exact same part as ford.even has the ford logo stamped on it. How can Ford treat their customers this way for gods sake?? Unreal

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yes mate.01738 636605

they even send things out by post.remember & ask for a bit a discount. they can be a bit funny with folk wi fords coming for things so the part number is C2S 27002.


TAX £13.21

TOTAL £79.25

great eh? AND Ford wanted VAT on top of £200 lol

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You'll find that a lot of Ford engine parts are identical to ones from a Jaguar. Oddly, the Jaguar ones are always much cheaper. They aren't nicknamed Fraud for nothing.

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