New Ford Tensioner & Crank Pulley,but.......

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i just cant solve this one. ive replaced new ford tensioner,crank pulley,& idler pulley plus new 1640 belt. when i start the car when its cold or on an incline facing uphill,Im getting a rattle from tensioner area for about 2 secs. any ideas anyone? dont think its water bottle etc.

i think the tensioner lug/stop at the top(FUNNY SHAPED BIT ALLOY),is rattling against the part it sits close to.but if the tensioners doing its job it shouldnt eh? cant get my head round this one.

im wondering about engine mount but they seem ok also. mmmmm.puzzled!!!

well,ive maybe fixed that annoying rattle,& maybe some1 else's as well.

The alloy 'stop' part,i ground about an 1/8" off the face of it,& so far the rattle hasnt came back.there was a tiny shiny mark on the alloy part that showed it WAS hitting the stop next to it. even on another 2 mondeo's i checked theres only about 1/8" gap between it & the stop(same as mines).

only thing is,i cant for the life of me suss out how it happened in 1st place lol. oh well

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