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Mk4 Problems

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Hi guys,

Just got a pretty old P reg fiesta with a fair few miles on it but its gonna do the job for me. Just have a couple of issues that i need to get sorted but im not sure where to start.

1) when i start up the car seems to idle too high for few minutes at 1500rpm then it will drop to about 1000. When i pull away it stutters quite badly for about 1 minute then it seems ok. It tends to rev up a bit on gear change and runs away a little when the clutch is re-engaged. When i release the accelerator it seems to maintain speed for about 5 seconds. If i give it the beans at any point it splutters for a few secs then picks up and is ok. It will do this in all gears and does it a lot at 70mph. i have to ease off a little and then come back on the power slowly and its ok again for a while.

2) heater motor only blows on full - new resistor pack im guessing. in the passenger side footwell?

3) heater only blows cold

4) rear screen de-mist doesnt work

other than relatively minor problems i think i got a pretty good deal at £200

Any help is appreciated. thanks

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1) most likely idle speed controlle valve requires cleaning

2) resistor pack

3) heater controlle valve stuck

4) check fuse and also check connections at tailgate for corrosion

all these are well known problems on the fiesta.

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i got a similair problem on mine wen i start it up on morning it does the same thing on idle but when i drive off same thing happens theres now power then it jolts then there is power does yours struggle between 40 and 50 too and around 4000rpm does the engine hesitate like its misfiring

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so i cleaned the air idle control valve and it sorted out the initial problem, however as the guy above says around 3.5 - 4k rpm it stutters like its misfiring. its fine through the rest of the rev range so it must be a sensor type problem?

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