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Head Unit Adaptors

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Hi guys

Im sure this topic has been done to death, but im sorry, I couldn't find it in searches or ebay

Im wanting to fit a single din kenwood instead of the CD3000 in my 2006 focus

I know I need the fascia din adaptor and a wiring loom

But I don't understand why the fitting kits are about £70 on ebay, but a fascia adaptor and loom are only about £20 each!

and also, they're all either 2005> or 2007< ..nothing in the middle? (2006)

Any help?


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The fitting kits include a remote interface too, that's the pricier part.

I think they're just bracketing the years , although you have to remember that late 07 was when the facelift MK2 came out and i've seen facelift models fitted with the rectangular radios rather than the oval ones.

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Thanks for the reply!

That facelift is what I'm worried about ..for about a year either side its almost as though they threw what ever they had in the car!!

so I need a fascia with a cage as well?

and theres 2 different looms I need? one specific to my focus, and one specific to the Kenwood?

...Christ, if spotty teens at Halfords do this how am I struggling so badly!? hahaa

cheers mate

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The full kit needed will be-

  1. Fascia adaptor
  2. Ford specific cage (cages that come with the single din radios tend to be too deep for Ford dashes by about 10mm so a wee bit of trimming/bending may be needed)
  3. Loom adaptor specific to Ford and Radio manufacturer
  4. Ford remote interface
  5. Aerial adaptor
  6. Keys to remove the original radio

1. Fascia adaptor-


2. Cage (the shape of the rear of the cage should give decent clearance for the dash framework behind the radio)-


3. / 4. Kenwood/Ford loom adaptor (with controller interface)-


5. Aerial adaptor plug (converts an ISO connector to the DIN type needed)-


6. Radio removal keys


I make that a grand total of £42.26 with no delivery costs

Edited by Stoney871

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Absolute hero mate! thanks a lot for the time :)

think ill go for a DAB, iv seen that a ford DAB aerial is cheap compared to all the others - is it possible to fit one or will I need a glass one or something?

thanks again

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