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Focus Mk2.5 Audio Upgrade Options?

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Hey peeps,

After taking a long exteneded trip this weekend from London down to Devon, the usage of the radio came into play, and I found the standard audio was terrible in terms of quality. So my question is, what are my options in terms of upgrading? In the long run, I guess I'd want to change the radio etc, but for now I'll probably just be doing Speakers, and perhaps a sub? Or would changing the radio/head unit now make a difference?

I am a total noon when it comes to car audio so I really need some advice and perhaps some decent and not expensive options?


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the easiest option if you dont have much experience, or the cash, would be to upgraded to a branded aftermarket head unit

i fitted a pioneer which tend to have some sort of built in amp

the sound quality improvement just out of the stock Speakers is great. watching a dvd on it is really like sitting in the cinema with the surround sound from having Speakers in the rear

i payed (well my missus paid) 200punds for the head unit n 60pounds for the fitting kit. fitted easily myself and even wrote a guide on doing so

if you do want to do the lot n fit new Speakers n amps etc to go with it then mr spock is definitely your man

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Can anybody say wether either listed radio above is better? I am watching a few on eBay and would like to purchase/bid but dont want to get the wrong type?

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The first one is a Ford original radio with DAB which would reqire the DAB aerial and cables fitting to make full use.

The second one being aftermarket will fit and work just fine and should come with all relevant aerial/GPS adaptors and cables.

TBH I'd give the second one a punt.

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Ok cool, will look into that.

I did read a thread on this forum where peeps had put links to the aftermarket units they bought, but I just cannot find it anywhere. Mine would be the curved unit instead of the square.

Also gonna be looking at getting an amp and a subwoofer, can anyone recommend me a cheap but good brand of amp? 4 channel should suffice right? I am not going like hardcore sound, just a nice boost.

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