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Ford Focus Stereo Problem

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Hi all,

I seem to be having problems with the stereo in my car. It is a ford
6000 CD stereo unit. I can play CDS on the unit fine.. but suddenly it
won't pick up any radio stations anymore.. also my preset buttoned
stations will not work, tries to search for stations when i press the

I have tried using another aerial from another focus, but it made not
difference, infact it made no difference with or without a aerial.

The only other thing i can think of other than the fault being in the
stereo unit itself is the wiring going upto the aerial on the roof of
the car.

Is it possible for the radio fuction on stereo to malfunction?? What
other things can i check without having to buy another stereo for the

Thanks in advance guys.

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The Focus Guides section is intended to be used to post guides, and tutorials, but not to answer questions. as such I will move your question somewhere more appropriate.

It does sound like you have lost the aerial connection, I would say your best bet is to check over the connections and ensure that the aerial connection haunt separated from the rear of the stereo.

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Thank you for moving it to the correct forum.

It is strange... but from a cold start it seems to work okay.. but after driving for a while the reception goes. However i have found that if I remove the removal facia part and the blow and shake it for a bit and then put i back on it seems to start working for a while longer (gets radio reception).

Playing a CD works flawlessly continiously.. so it seems quite strange to me.. any ideas anyone?

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Sounds like a loose connection somewhere in the radio itself.

A dealer will charge big money for repairs and many hundreds for a replacement.

Best option may be to get one via eBay.

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