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Chris 810

Streetka Knocking Noise

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My wife has just bought a streetka it is in great condition with just 35000 miles however it does have one issue under heavy breaking or over some bumps we get a knocking noise from under the car, it sounds just like the exhaust knocking but I cannot isolate it and does not knock all the time.

Here is a list of the items I have changed chasing this noise.

Both lower suspension arms.

Both suspension top mounts

Anti roll bar bushes

All exhaust mounts

I have also made sure that the spare wheel carrier is not knocking

I don't mind doing the work and I view it as a hobby however I am beginning to run out of things to change

Anybody any ideas?

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have a look at the rear suspension arm bushes as they wear and can cause a knocking noise i would also change the drop links on the front suspension

they are only a few quid each say £20.00 the pair piccy below of front drop link


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I have looked at the rear bushes and the drop links and they don't look worn however as you say they are not expensive and as I have a 2 post lift in the garage should not be difficult to change I'll give it a go and see if that sorts it

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ther rear bushes are quite easy to check hold the car on the rear side wing. boot open to get good hold then shake side to side to dertimine side movement. have someone to put hand on joint if possible to determin movement

i would chand front droplinks as you have done all the other moving parts on front suspensin but do pay frauds prices look at


or similar as you can pick them up off the shelf

also look at this link for parts


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sometimes it's worth changing the anti roll bar rubbers as they will make a knocking noise if worn out.

to check them get under car and pull and push the anti roll bar. any play change the rubbers. about £7.00 a pair

the roll bar attatches to each side of the car to the drop links. change the drop links when you do the roll bar bushes and

the lower suspension arm (wishbone) if needed as you need to un attatch the drop link to do the antiroll bar bushes so mayaswell replace with new

as they are usuall on their way out

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