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Stereo Suggestions Please?

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Hi all

New to the site as have just purchased my first Focus TDCi and wanting to upgrade the stereo.

I already have an active sub for the boot, but want to use my iPhone with the stereo. I currently use an fm modulator but want better quality.

After a bit of research it seems I have a few options - either upgrade the ford stereo buy and aftermarket HU plus some kind of facia or add an aux cable to the back of the unit.

I have no real experience of the focus system and hope someone can reccomend the most effective system.

I'd also like to improve the bhp with some basic stuff, air filter etc...

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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Going by the year of your car I'd assume it's a MK1.5?-


If so your radio is most likely one of these (5000 or 6000 model)?-

post-28494-0-59519500-1381792464_thumb.j post-28494-0-46842600-1381792107_thumb.j

(5000 model) (6000 model)

If that's the case then you can get this to add an aux connector to your radio-


The adaptor plugs into the cd changer port on the rear of the radio and will improve the quality of your external music source greatly.

If your radio is this one (6006)-


(6006 model)

Then there is no cd changer port (due to the radio being a 6cd version) so no aux options exist for it.

If you really want to add an aftermarket radio which will allow an external sub etc to be added then you'd need a fitting kit (if for a single din radio)-


Or if wanting a double din radio then you'd need the new fascia to allow fitting-


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It sounds like you have taken the stock head unit as far as you can and you really need to upgrade it to a modern unit, you can get one with i-pod connectivity, USB and SD card slots, 6 or 7" touch screen / dvd player with axu out/ reverse camera & aux AV-in, line and sub out - and the i-pod or AUX line-in is liable to be better quality (and potentially less interference) than a modulator and the sub-out may have a cteaner signal too - these head units are dropping in price too (from about £200) the higher spec ones have GPS, bluetooth etc

Apart from the head unit some discreete amps and active crossovers with upgraded Speakers will certainly help drain the bank account, a power capacitor would help not draining the battery (it all depends - how much/ how loud/ how much bass/ the quality etc)

As for the performance mods my veiw is a remap is the most cost effective solution (or a tuning box in a pinch) - just about anything else is probably going to do nothing, make tha car slower or cost a fortune, but you could stick a K&N panel filter on (not a cone filter) and i recommend you fit a solid EGR blanking plate, you could fit a catchtank to the crankcase breather, and a bit of sensible lightening - you can get light wheels quite cheaply for the mk1 Focus (who knows, with a bit of work/ money you could even compensate for the weight of the subwoofer :lol: )

A good service (including cleaning out the gunge from the inlet manifold and intercooler ) and a frequent oil/ filter change wiorks wonders

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