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Unidentified Whining Noise & Erratic Speedo


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Hope someone might be able to help me out here. I have a couple of problems that may or may not be linked in a 2003 fiesta.

When driving there is a whining noise and when braking sometimes a kind of grinding noise - grinding not always happening - mostly when braking going downhill.

Also have a problem with the speedo intermittently - I'll be driving along at 50kph then all of a sudden the speedo will jump up to 120kph and oscillate around for a bit then land back on 50kph as expected.

Haven't been into Ford yet for a diagnosis, any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.



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The whining noise could be the girlfriend next to you...they turn into a moan when you marry em :lol:

Fiesta did have a cluster problem on the early models...check gearbox level too for noise...guessing your brakes are ok too for grining noise...or stone in the back plate??

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