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Fitting Sony Dab From Mondeo To Focus 2.5

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I have 59 plate Focus Mk2.5 and would like replace the Ford 6000cd radio with an OEM Sony DAB radio. With this in mind I bought a second hand one from a 2010 Mondeo. I know there is a risk that it may not be compatible but for the price I thought I would give it a go. Physically it fits fine except for the twin FARAK aerial connections which I knew I would have to sort out. The 6000cd has a single DIN aerial connector. My initial problem is after fitting and entering the code I get the message Unconfigured Mode the screen then reverts to normal and pressing the various buttons tries to scan. It fails at this as the aerials are not connected. Loading a CD it finds the tracks and titles and the symbol shows a disk spinning. But there is no sound. The radio is not on Mute and the adjusting the volume correctly shows on the screen.

Plugging in my MP3 player to the Aux port has no effect and pressing the CD/AUX button just changes the CD functions. This works fine on the 6000cd radio.

The steering wheel controls change volume, station etc as normal.

So to summarize all appears to be working apart from no sound and the Aux input not detected.

The part no: I am trying to fit is 8S7T-18C939-MA, model CD345-MCA SONY AUDIOPHILE DAB software ver 04 07 06. The back connector takes the same connector as my 6000cd and there is an additional connector with 10 pins in 2 banks of 5. Not sure what this for but it does look similar to the CD changer connector on my Mk1A Focus radio for the CD changer except its larger.

I knew there was a chance this would not work but any guidance would be most appreciated.


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