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After Market Audio

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OK looking at a mondeo (maybe a focus) and really want satnav BT etc in the vehicle

I have been looking at a few on line and EONON keep coming up. I am not usually a fan of cheap equipment but can anyone actually recommend these?

OEM look one

EONON M1E strugling to find one of these except on foreign sites

EONON G2103 someone else mentioned on here but again struggling to find one.

Some alternative suggestions also welcome but was looking around the £200 - 250 mark.

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i agree, its similar to the first link i posted. I am most likely getting a Mondeo around the 2009/10 plate so according to their information it should fit.

Reading the spec it looks great but has anyone got any experience with their products? How good in the Nav? The bluetooth clarity etc

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Alright guys. I've had one of those units and to be honest there's a really good reason why they're cheap!! While they look awesome and have all the bells and whistles they are crap!! Most of the features work fine i.e. DVD NAVI bluetooth audio and phone connection BUT the radio is woeful. It can't hold a station and auto tunes to different ones. I thought it was a fault with the unit I had so sent it back and hey presto! the replacement was the very same, with the added bonus of more problems. Had to send that one back and the third was the same yet again. Off loaded mine on eBay for £80 last year but told buyer of radio reception problems. Don't go near them.

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Cheers for the info slemon123

i expected issues with them as they are so cheap but am surprised to hear that you only had issues with the radio. I have always believed in the saying "if its sounds to good to be true, it probably is"

Would be good to hear anyone else's experiences as well.

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