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Droping Roof & Strange Problem Drivers Side Front Indicator

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I bought a Ford Street KA Lux Ed 2004 plate a month ago.

Roof problem:

On the first morning I had the displeasure of cracking my rear window by lifting it to drop the roof,

after the initial crack I decided what the hell and pulled it all the way cracking it in to 3 pieces.

After all that the lid to drop the roof faild to open.

After pulling the material away in the boot I saw the solenoid that pushes a lever to release the clips, I saw that the lever has a hole in it.

Is there a way to add a mechanical switch that bypasses the electrical rubbish to release the clips?

Also it took a while but I was able to replace the window, I do not recomend that people do this them selves.

it's in but it has a 45^ kink in it.

Indicator problem:

Every time I approach a round about indicating right the front indicator goes off for 5 - 10 seconds then works again.

I can only speculate that I eather have a loose conection, water in the bulb housing or corroded contacts.

I've had a look under the hood and see no way to get to the connector.

Does anyone know or can advise how to do so?


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Probably not much help unless you can get a workshop manual, but the Winter Editions have a cable that comes through into the boot that you pull to release the cover when you have removed the hardtop, as the recommendation when the hardtop is in place, is to disconnect the solenoid to incase the release switch gets pressed accidentally.

When I have pulled on the cable before, it feels like a mechanical connection to the clips. Sorry I can't check for you, as the hardtop is on now for the winter.

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