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noisy tappets


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anyone know how to quietin noisy tappets as they are loud ive a petrol fiesta and it sounds like a tank its a edura e engine

found this hope its useful

hi this is for a ENGINE - 1.3L ENDURA E» 1996 have not got the data for 95

1. Disconnect the battery ground cable. For additional information, refer to «Section 414-01».


Twist the spark plug connectors slightly before disconnecting them. Pull on the connector and not on the cable.

Pull off the spark plug connectors.

l Unclip the high-tension leads and lay to one side.

µ 3. Remove the oil filler cap.

l Pull the crankcase breather hose off the T-piece.

µ 4. Remove the cylinder head cover with gasket (four bolts with extended washers).

l Remove the gasket.

l Unscrew the spark plugs.

5. Raise the vehicle. For additional information, refer to «Section 100-02».

µ 6. Remove the drive belt cover.

7. Lower the vehicle.


Only tighten the rocker arm bolts to achieve the required valve clearance. If the valve clearance is too small, unscrew the rocker arm bolt and tighten it again until the required clearance is achieved.

Adjust the valve clearances.

l Measure the valve clearance with feeler gauges. Adjust the valve clearance at the rocker arm bolts.

9. Note:

When adjusting the valve clearances, only turn the crankshaft in a clockwise direction.


Exhaust valve - valve clearance 0,50 mm (engines produced from 20.11.96 onwards, identifiable from the valve clearance sticker on the cylinder head cover).

Adjust the valve clearances.

l Intake valve - valve clearance 0,20 mm

l Turn the crankshaft pulley until the valves on the 1st or 4th cylinder are rocking, i.e. until the rocker arms/push rods are moving in opposite directions.

l If the valves on the 4th cylinder are rocking, the valve clearance on the 1st cylinder should be adjusted.

l Then rotate the crankshaft pulley another half turn. In this position the valves on the 3rd cylinder are rocking, and the valves on the 2nd cylinder can be adjusted - continue in accordance with the firing sequence.

l Valves rocking on 4th cylinder - adjust valves on 1st cylinder

l Valves rocking on 3rd cylinder - adjust valves on 2nd cylinder

l Valves rocking on 1st cylinder - adjust valves on 4th cylinder

l Valves rocking on 2nd cylinder - adjust valves on 3rd cylinder

10. Raise the vehicle.

µ 11. Clip the coolant hose into the bracket.

µ 12. Install the lower drive belt cover.

13. Lower the vehicle.

µ 14. Note:

Use a new gasket.

Install the cylinder head cover (four bolts with extended washers).

l Apply lubricant to the spark plug thread and install the spark plug.

µ 15. Note:

Lightly coat the spark plug connector seal with silicone grease.

Connect the spark plug connectors to the spark plugs.

l Clip the ignition cables in place.

16. Connect the battery ground cable. For additional information, refer to «Section 414-01».

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