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Is Brake Fluid included in a full Service ?


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Hi, my missus has a Ford KA and the handbrake light keeps flickering on every now and then, I think this means low BRAKE FLUID.

Anyway, I said "oh, its going in for a service next week, so they will sort it out". And so it got its full service & MOT and the brake light still flickers on and off. Should this have been taken care of by the garage ? Is brake fluid monitored on a service ??

Also, the tick over is slightly juddering at traffic lights and static positions, hmmm I'm starting to wonder if they even lifted the bonnet !

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brake fluid shoud be replaced avery 2-3 yrs.

this should have been checked in the service schedule.

the running of the engine is not done from what i recall as that got to be put on a computer &

they charge extra for that.

check your service guide on what milage you have done since it's last service &

the milage ior age for the type of service

interm service wont have the brake fluid changed only on a full servie depending when the brake fluid was done last.

if it's never been done since you had the car i would get it done & tell them about the idle aswell but get a

price 1st as they maywell charge you £40+ for the diagnostics check

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