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Ford Escort Van 1.8Td Wastegate Rest Position

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Hi Guys.

I am new to this forum and own a 2001 escort van since may this year.

It uses approx. 15 litres of diesel to about 70 miles, which is not right.

My last van a n/a escort 1.8d used about 15 litres to about 130 miles with foot planted.

I have noticed that the wastegate appears to be constantly closed causing the turbo to spool up when the engine is under load or not.

I have had a boost meter attached to the inlet manifold using the same pipe as the wastegate actuator, if I move the actuator arm with a bar and rev the engine the boost disappears like it should when the engine is not under load.

I have not had the actuator apart yet as I do not have a spare to replace it with.

The van shifts like cack off a shovel which for a turbo diesel 1.8 escort van is not right.

I get a bit of vibration when mid range rpm followed by a slight loss of power.

Any help would be appreciated

Many Thanks


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I work that out at about 23mpg

you say you have a boost meter connected - do you mean a boost gauge - how much boost did you measure?

I would be careful about assuming the problem is with your wastegate or actuator

the actuator is dependant on boost pressure - once the boost pressure (at the actuator) reaches a certain level, the diapram in the actuator pushes against the spring, this makes the pushrod open the wastegate - that diverts the exhaust gasses away from, bypassing the turbine, this reduces the compressor speed, reducing the boost, once the boost is reduced - the spring pushes the dihapram back/ closes the wastegate,

Thus the boost pressure is maintained by the wastegate opening and closing (purely dependant on boost pressure- so the wastegate can open & close "randomly"- it may not open at all (working correctly) in many circumstances/ if peak boost is not reached )

If the wastegate jams shut the boost can rise out of control, until a boost hose is blown off, or the engine detonates etc

The way to find out if the boost is correct is to fit a boost gauge that you can see when you are driving along - you will probably need a 25 or 30PSI one

someone may have turned the pump up on your van - that would explain the high consumption and performance

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