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Gear Oil Leaking


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]Hi all,

I recently had both drive shafts replaced due to the inner velocity joint going on the outer one, I also had new gear box seal fitted on the drivers side. After about a week I noticed some oil leaking from the back end of the engine, jacked it up and it was quite bad, I spoke to the mechanic who fitted both the seal and drive shafts, he couldn't understand why it was leaking.

I jacked up the car and tried to see where it was coming from, sure enough it was seeping in-between the seal and the drive shaft (it was like the shaft was not in far enough). Many gear oil top ups later, I even had a new seal fitted to the gear box to eliminate that it was not the seal and within 5 minutes of the car being all put back together it was leaking badly so to me it was not the seal. After that I contacted the store where I got the drive shaft from and told them about the problem, they supplied me with a new drive shaft. Again had the shaft fitted buy the same mechanic, this time the shaft fitted much better than the old one. Pictures attached you can clearly see the difference in shafts, one is thicker, one has a raised edge, one has a step, this has stopped the leak.

I know has to try and get all my money back £286 worth gear oil, seals, labour for fitting the seal and another drive shaft.

The shop I got the shafts from can not see how the second shaft has stopped the leak, can anyone see where I am coming from????



my opinion the second shaft is for my car 2.0tdci as it is thicker because of the torque it has and the first one is from a 1.6 model but happy to be proved wrong..


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